It’s been a while since I updated. I keep getting distracted. Anyway…

A lot has happened since my last post:

– Classes started, and school is a lot better this semester.

– Russell proposed. I can now start planning my wedding.

– I filled out a ton of financial aid paperwork. (Not nearly as exciting, but it took me a while.)

– We got a pretty big snowstorm here. 30 inches of snow! I was snowed in for a week. 🙂

Still no luck finding a job. I’m gonna need one soon though, since I can’t pay a cell phone bill and buy pet food with a student loan forever. 😦

Oh, and did anyone else listen to HIM’s new CD  “Screamworks”? Awesome, isn’t it? 😀


Oh boy…

Last night I was handling Eva after cleaning her cage, and noticed a lump on her side. Oh great. A tumor. Luckily, it’s not attached to anything and I’m pretty sure it’s benign. Now I’ll just have to stop feeding her all that sugary stuff and start mixing essiac with her water again. Poor thing. I’ll save a Jolly Rancher for her for after the tumor shrinks 🙂

Go Team!

Living in Baltimore county, I often get incredulous looks and outraged reactions when I tell people I’m not a Ravens fan. Then they find out that I’m a Lions fan, and I get laughed at.

But the thing is, the Lions are my home team. Just because I move out of state doesn’t mean I have to like your team. I’ve never been the kind of person to like something just because it’s cool, or because you tell me to.

Which means I’m beyond happy that the Ravens just lost to the Colts (Ironically, Baltimore’s FORMER team) by a miserable 17 points. Thank you for sucking.


I’m totally in love with penguins. They’ve been my favorite animal for quite a while now. Hell, if I could, I’d have one as a pet. Or two. Or ten. So imagine how happy I was when I found the California Academy Of Science’s penguin cams. 24 hour webcams of the penguin tank. Cuteness is available to me 24/7. God bless the internet.

Penguin cams available here:


Nightwish: Anette vs Tarja?

As a huge Nightwish fan, I was a little bummed at first when Tarja was fired from the band. But, I heard Dark Passion Play and got over it. Anette has an amazing voice, and I believe they chose well for a new singer.

However, a lot of people disagree very strongly, and this annoys me a little.

Okay, we got it. You like Tarja better. But that doesn’t mean you have to rage against Anette and Tuomas and everyone in Nightwish just because DPP isn’t a carbon copy of Once or Wishmaster. Bashing and threatening Anette isn’t going to put Tarja back in the band. Go buy My Winter Storm and get over yourself.

Meanwhile, I’ll just stay here and anxiously await the next Nightwish album. With Anette as the vocalist. 🙂


Okay. I’ll admit it. I go crazy for Tokio Hotel, and I think Bill Kaulitz is pretty.

But WHY do I have to pay for 2 different CDs if I want to hear all of their new material in its unbelievable glory? Really, guys. Can’t you just make a box set with the deluxe editions of both CDs? And yes, I’m aware that there is the Best Buy edition, which has both versions. But it doesn’t have the German bonus tracks. And anyone that has heard “Träumer” knows that it’s amazing, and not including it is just plain wrong.

But really, they aren’t encouraging me to buy their CD when they make 5 different versions, all with different bonus tracks, and only available at certain places. Also, since I’m probably the only person on the planet that doesn’t use iTunes, I’m super pissed that I can’t get the track by track bonus interview with Bill and Tom.

One more thing: I liked Bill’s hair better before he got dreads. Just saying.

New year? Really?

I have to admit. 2o1o is a bit disappointing. It’s supposed to be a new year, a new decade, all that jazz. But 12:00 just felt like another midnight.

Except one thing. This midnight was spent with the love of my life. As cheesy as that sounds, it’s really amazing 🙂

A little early.

With nine hours and 53 minutes to the new year, you would think I’d be stocking up on hard liquor and aspirin like every other party-friendly person on this planet. Alas, 2010 will start off relatively hangover-free for me (which means it won’t be anything like ’07, ’08, and ’09).

And to think a year ago I was having the time of my life making Bailey’s chocolate milkshakes…

Soundtrack of Today

Recently I was asked to make a small playlist for a friend. I was a bit worried, as most of my friends don’t appreciate the same music that I do. But, she told me to just throw in whatever I want and she’ll at least give it a shot. This was a relief. So, here it is in its entirety.

(Song Title – Artist – Album)

*The Good, the Bad & the Undead – The 69 Eyes – Back in Blood
*If I Had You – Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment
*Affliction – AFI – Decemberunderground
*Thank You, Pain – The Agonist – Lullabies for the Dormant Mind
*Still Breathing – Allison Iraheta – Just Like You
*Brompton Cocktail – Avenged Sevenfold – Avenged Sevenfold
*Norwegian Wood – The Beatles – 1962-1966 Greatest Hits
*Crazy Bitch – Buckcherry – 15
*Trashed, Lost & Strungout – Children of Bodom – Are You Dead Yet
*Dark Holiday – Dommin – E.P.
*Lose Control – Evanescence – The Open Door
*Alpha Dog – Fall Out Boy – Believers Never Die
*Arise – Flyleaf – Memento Mori
*Venus (In Our Blood) – HIM – Dark Light
*Pidä Kädestä – Indica – Tuuliset Tienoot
*Falling Away From Me – Korn – Issues
*Kevät – Kotiteollisuus – Sotakoira
*Bad Romance – Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster
*I Have to Look Up Just to See Hell – Marilyn Manson – The High End of Low
*Slit My Wrist – Murderdolls – Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls
*Uprising – Muse – The Resistance
*The Escapist – Nightwish – Dark Passion Play
*This Love – Pantera – Vulgar Display of Power
*Run Like Hell – Pink Floyd – The Wall
*Love Infernal – Poisonblack – Escapexstacy
*Killer Queen – Queen – Sheer Heart Attack
*Dangerous Kind – The Rasmus – Black Roses
*Eyes of the Devil – Seether – Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces
*Gehenna – Slipknot – All Hope Is Gone
*Monolith – Stone Sour – Stone Sour
*Pain of Love – Tokio Hotel – Humanoid
*Blood on My Hands – The Used – Artwork
*Change the World – The Veronicas – Hook Me Up
*All American Massacre – Wednesday 13 – Skeletons
*Mega Man 2 – Year 200X – We Are Error
*Lullaby – Slot – 2 Wars

Patience is not my style.

So my boyfriend left his 360 at my house, which pretty much required me to try playing Halo by myself. And I fail. I ended up saving at a random checkpoint and turning it off because I was sick of dying. Maybe later I’ll finish the level…

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